Course Description

Our course is situated in Barry County, Michigan, an easy drive from Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo or Battle Creek.  Barry County is unique in its terrain and rural nature.  There are no freeways in Barry County, instead we have the picturesque Thornapple River.  Traffic counts are low.  You will see plenty of lakes and rolling hills.

The course consists of 3 loops, all on paved roads, and with very few stretches of state highway.

Loop One is about 122 miles long and circles the whole county.  Three outlying checkpoints provide water, fruit, rest and repair services.  Two Broom Wagons pick up any stragglers.

On completing the Loop One (once), you will ride the Loop Two, 24 miles, until 7:15 pm, when the night loop opens.  There is one checkpoint on Loop 2, with water and fruit, but no repair service.

The Third, or Night, Loop, 7.6 miles, will stay open through 8:00 am Sunday morning.  All the corners are lighted and we have Sheriff’s officers stationed to keep you safe.

Each time you complete a loop, the facilities of Thornapple Kellogg Middle School, are available.  Many riders bring a support person or team to help them cope with the rigors of ultra cycling.

The ride concludes at 8:00 am on Sunday.  You will turn in your backtags for scoring, followed by a free breakfast from Subway, a door prize drawing, and our awards ceremony.  Before noon, everyone has departed for a well-earned rest.