2017: Our 35th Year – Quite Possibly Our Last

Organizers Pete & Kathy Steve are retiring after the event this June.  Despite our best efforts, we have no organizer(s) to carry on.  June 16, 2017 is the last opportunity for on-the-job training.  And maybe the last opportunity for us all to take part in the National 24-Hour Challenge.

 Could you fill these shoes?

If the National 24-Hour Challenge is to continue after this year’s event, we will need new organizers to take the reins.  The ideal candidates would be a newly-retired couple living in southwest Michigan.  Candidates should have a strong affinity with bicycling and ideally have some experience with N24HC itself.

We are a Michigan non-profit corporation, determined by the IRS to be a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization.  We have no paid positions, which sounds bad, but minimizes our administrative burden (which is a big deal).

We are well-organized, and the jewel of our event is the venue – Thornapple-Kellogg Middle School and greater Barry County.

The myriad arrangements developed over our 18 years in this area will have to be dissolved without new leadership.

Time is short.  The future is rushing in on us.  Could you be the one leading us forward?

Our Plan

Since we don’t have a new director for 2018 in place, we do plan to have this year’s event be a fantastic blow-out farewell.

You can help us celebrate 35 years of amazing accomplishments, even if you can’t help us continue the event past this year.  Come out and ride one last time.  Bring your friends to ride with you.  Experience the thrill of one last National 24 Hour Challenge.

We’re working on a few special surprises for everyone.

Be there June 17-18 for what promised to be a fantastic last dance.


The 2017 National 24-Hour Challenge is very much alive.  If you have not yet registered, do it now, while you still can.  Rates are set to increase on June 1st, and with this likely to be the last N24HC, the field is filling up.