Dawn Patrol Special Edition Reminder

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This week’s Dawn Patrol is preempted by Dawn Patrol Special Edition.

We will be starting at Thornapple Kellogg Middle School in Middleville at 8:00am on Saturday, April 27th, and riding Loop 1 of the National 24 Hour Challenge.

Total mileage is expected to be between 110 and 121 miles (we usually skip the “parade loop” that the event does before leaving Middleville.)

This is an unsupported ride. You will need to carry your own supplies, or buy them from convenience stores along the route.

Some of the riders may stop for lunch at the Grove St. Cafe in Delton for lunch.

The rain is forecasted to hold of until 2pm or 3pm. Hopefully we will be dry for most of the ride.



This is a free event.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Mike at:

mwb@mwburden.com or 616 915-2048

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