All About the Challenge! February 2021

All about the Challenge!


Everything you need to know about the National 24 Hour Challenge!


Time to Accept the Challenge
Know the Rules
Attention Recumbent Trike Riders
Looking for a Photographer
The Organization That Brings You the Challenge
Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Time to accept the challenge

The unofficial, but often used motto, of the National 24 Hour Challenge is “Challenge Accepted.” If you are going to accept the challenge, then you need to register!

STEP ONE: Sign-up today. Go to Registration closes at 6 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 18, 2021. You will receive a registration confirmation email immediately after you are done registering and it will include your rider number. If you have questions about registration email us at

We encourage anyone who wants Support Team services to register soon as we have a limited number of openings and the Support Team services will sell-out.

STEP TWO: Visit your profile page and add your picture if you want. Once you have registered, you can visit your rider profile page at

STEP THREE: Check out who is riding! You can see all of the current registrants on

Click on the “Registered Riders” menu tab at the top of the screen, and then select “All” and you will see all of the male and female registrants as of today.

Click on the “Category” menu tab and then select your age category or bicycle frame type to see who is registered in your category.

Know the rules

We receive a lot of questions about the rules for the National 24 Hour Challenge. We have the rules in order to run a safe, fun, and fair event. Click HERE to download our rules.

Three of the most commonly asked questions about rules are:

Rule 6.1A NO PETS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS There are absolutely NO exceptions due to school policies and restrictions. Riders, crews, or spectators who bring pets will be required to leave the school grounds.

Note how we made it italicized and red – there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Rule 4.2B HEADPHONES Headphones or ear buds which block the ears may not be used when riding. Both ears must remain unobstructed. Riders must be able to clearly hear volunteers, police, other riders, and vehicles at all times.

With all of the changes in technology, we have written this rule to allow you to use your common sense. You are not allowed to block your ears and you must be able to clearly hear volunteers, police, other riders, and vehicles. One question we have gotten several times is “Are bone conduction headphones allowed?” Our response is “Yes, if they do not block your ears and you can clearly hear volunteers, police, other riders, and vehicles.” If you use your bone conduction headphones at a reasonable volume level, then you should be fine.

Rule 3.2B HEADLIGHT AND TAILLIGHT Bicycles must be equipped with a constant burning white headlight and constant burning red taillight visible from a distance of 500 feet. The headlight and taillight must be affixed to the bicycle. The headlight and taillight must not blink.

Read this rule carefully and you will see that your headlight and taillight must be mounted to your bicycle AND they cannot blink. This rule comes from the Michigan Vehicle code, which are the laws that govern vehicles that use public roads in Michigan. This means that our sheriff deputies have the power to enforce this law and will most often do so by asking you politely to put the proper lights on your bike.

You are welcome to use additional lights affixed to your bicycle, self, or helmet. These additional lights can be blinking and can be other colors.

Attention recumbent trike riders

We have recently received a request to add a recumbent trike category to the National 24 Hour Challenge. If you are a recumbent trike rider, or know someone who is, please email us and let us know if you would participate in the National 24 Hour Challenge if we added a recumbent trike category. Our board will consider adding a recumbent trike category at our March board meeting so let us know soon.

Please email us at if you are interested in a recumbent trike category.

Looking for a photographer

or years, we have all enjoyed the incredible photography of Chris Cavaliere, our National 24 Hour Challenge photographer and board member. If you haven’t looked – go check out his amazing photos on our website.

This year, Chris has decided to once again ride the National 24 Hour Challenge. We are looking for a photographer who can capture in pictures the energy and spirit of the National 24 Hour Challenge.

Drop us an email at and let us know if you are interested in being our next photographer, or you want to suggest someone who could be our next photographer.

Chris has always donated his time to be our official photographer. We have reimbursed some expenses related to photography in the past, but our funds are limited as this is not an expense we had budgeted for this year.

The organization that bring you the challenge

We have updated our website to include some information about the National 24 Hour Challenge organization and board. For example, the National 24 Hour Challenge is a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers – there is no paid staff.

Take a moment to learn more about the National 24 Hour Challenge organization and our board members when you visit the Organization page on our website.

questions, comments, suggestions

On behalf of our board of directors and over 150 volunteers, we are looking forward to having you join us and several hundred of your cycling friends on June 19-20! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please shoot me an email at: or call (616) 953-0234.

Look for our next issue of All About the Challenge on March 26th!

Gary Goscenski, Executive Director