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November 2019

Everything you need to know about the National 24 Hour Challenge!

2020 Registration Packet

Registration opens January 1st!

We look forward to having you join us for the 2020 National 24 Hour Challenge. After you celebrate New Year’s at midnight on January 1, 2020, register for the 38th annual National 24-Hour Challenge, June 20-21, 2020. Your personal best will require ample spring training, so make the commitment now!

All registrations must be made through www.BikeReg.com/national-24-hour-challenge. BikeReg will accept registrations starting at 12:01 a.m. EST on New Year’s Day. Registration closes at 6 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 19, 2020.

We will not be mailing printed brochures, so be sure to download the 2020 Registration Information from www.N24HC.org and forward this email to your friends.

New for 2020!

We have some big changes planned for the 2020 National 24 Hour Challenge! Be sure to download our 2020 Registration Information from www.N24HC.org so you will have all the details. For those of you who can’t wait – here is a quick look at all that is new in 2020!

RFID Scanning! If the Department of Transportation can figure out how to read your vehicle without stopping at the toll gate – then we can figure out how to read a bicycle without stopping at our checkpoints. Wanna know how we’ll do it? You will place a small RFID sticker on the top of your helmet which will be read by an overhead antenna as you ride through each checkpoint.

Two Loops! After years of having three loops, this year we will have two loops. The new 50-mile Day Loop will be ridden until 9 p.m. and the Night Loop will be the same 7.6 mile loop we have used in the past. In order to qualify to ride the Night Loop, you will need to complete the Day Loop at least three times by 9 p.m. The Day Loop is still challenging with rolling hills and just over 1,300 feet of climbing per loop.

There are two big reasons for the move to two loops. First, for many years we have heard from people who said the old first loop of 121 miles was intimidating, especially to new riders. Although the Day Loop is still challenging to ride, the shorter length allows riders to return to our home base at Thornapple-Kellogg Middle School to rest/replenish after just 50 miles. Second, two loops allows us to have just two checkpoints, which requires less volunteer and equipment resources.

Two Checkpoints! With the new Day Loop, we will only have two checkpoints in 2020. One checkpoint will be at Delton-Kellogg High School, which we have ridden by for years on the old Loop One. Delton-Kellogg High School is about 1/2 mile from the Delton District Library where Checkpoint #3 was located in the past. The other checkpoint, and our home base, will continue to be at Thornapple-Kellogg Middle School.

When you ride the Day Loop you will leave Thornapple-Kellogg Middle School and ride South to Delton-Kellogg High School. You will pass through the checkpoint at Delton-Kellogg High School and ride North back to Thornapple-Kellogg Middle School. You will find maps of these routes in the 2020 Registration Information at www.N24HC.org.

Online Scoring! In 2018, we debuted our real-time online scoring and in 2019 we added individual rider pages that show all of your results. Once again in 2020 you will have the option of sending in your picture and we’ll include your picture on your rider profile page. New this year, we will have the scoring website up and running prior to the event so you can see who is riding and who will be in your age group.

Fresh Breakfast! This year, after riding hundreds of miles, we going to give you the breakfast you deserve! Our free Sunday morning breakfast for all riders and crews will be fresh-cooked with a variety of foods to make you feel great!

Support Team Returns! We are excited to announce we will once again be offering a support team option for riders who are unable to bring a support crew to the National 24 Hour Challenge. Be sure to check out all the details on page 6 of the 2020 Registration Information packet. In order to provide the best possible neutral support, our support team will be limited to 40 riders. If you are interested, please sign up early as our support team services sold out quickly last year.

National 24 Hour Challenge Ambassadors Returns! If you have ridden the National 24 Hour Challenge before and you recruit a first-time rider to come to the National 24 Hour Challenge you both get rewarded. Check out all the details on page 6 of the 2020 Registration Information packet.

2020 Merchandise! Our 2020 National 24 Hour Challenge swag items for all riders who register by May 1, 2020 are our rider t-shirt and vehicle window decal. We will also be offering National 24 Hour Challenge water bottles, socks, hats, and musette bags for sale this year.

We are excited about all of these changes for 2020 which we hope will make your 2020 National 24 Hour Challenge experience better than ever before.

Photo By: Christoper Cavaliere – ChristopherCavalierePhotography.pixpasites.com

Attention Volunteers

Over 150 volunteers are the lifeblood of the National 24 Hour Challenge! Please consider volunteering early so that you get the position you want, and so that we can see what positions we will need to work on filling.

To volunteer, or if you have questions or want more information about volunteering, email us National24Hour@gmail.com or call (616) 953-0234.

All About the Challenge!

On behalf of our board of directors and over 150 volunteers, we are looking forward to having you join us and several hundred of your cycling friends on June 20-21st! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please shoot me an email.


Gary Goscenski, Executive Director

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Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Email us at: National24Hour@gmail.com or call (616) 953-0234.

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