All About the Challenge! November 2021

All about the challenge!

November 2021

Everything you need to know about the National 24 Hour Challenge!


It’s Registration Time!
COVID-19 Update
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Registration Opens January 1st!

We look forward to having you join us for the 2022 National 24 Hour Challenge. After you celebrate New Year’s at midnight on January 1, 2022, register for the 39th annual National 24-Hour Challenge, June 18-19, 2022. Your personal best will require ample spring training, so make the commitment now!

This year, all registrations must be made through We begin accepting registrations starting at 12:01 a.m. EST on New Year’s Day. Registration closes at 6 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 17, 2022.

Learn all about the 2022 National 24 Hour Challenge by downloading the 2022 Registration Information from and forward this email to your friends.

What's Happening in 2022

Thanks to all of the riders and volunteers who completed our survey following the 2021 National 24 Hour Challenge. Each year we send out a survey after the event to understand what you like and what we could do better.

There was overwhelmingly positive response to the two big changes we made in 2021 – going to two loops from three loops, and using RFID scanning for scoring. When we asked riders what was the best thing about the 2021 National 24 Hour Challenge, our volunteers were named most often, followed by the RFID scoring and the new loops/route.

We also asked what could be improved and we got an earful! We regret that we have little control over the heat and humidity. But there is one thing we heard over and over again – reduce the requirement to ride the Day Loop three times (150 miles) to two times (100 miles) to be eligible to ride the Night Loop. Done!

For 2022, all riders will be required to ride the Day Loop at least twice (100 miles) to be eligible to ride the Night Loop. We are also going to open the Night Loop at 5 p.m. this year (last year it opened at 6 p.m.) so that riders who will be riding the Day Loop twice do not need to wait as long to start riding the Night Loop. Of course, riders are welcome to ride the Day Loop as many times as they would like, however, the Delton checkpoint will be closing at 7 p.m. this year.

We will also work on making the route marking more visible and we will be adding additional signage at several spots on the route.

Last year we added our home cooked breakfast Sunday morning, and we will work to provide more vegetarian options. A special request for our vegetarian riders – please email us at or call (616) 953-0234 and let us know what you would like us to add to the menu.

To our incredible volunteers – you are the best and thank you! We heard your concerns as well and will be working to make your volunteering experience even better in 2022. Please put June 18-19, 2022 on your calendar and we will be starting volunteer sign-up early next year.

Compared to the past couple of years, the 2022 National 24 Hour Challenge will look very much like the 2021 National 24 Hour Challenge. Although we don’t have a lot of major changes this year, we are committed to making your 2022 National 24 Hour Challenge experience even better than ever before.


Over 100 volunteers are the lifeblood of the National 24 Hour Challenge! Thank you to all our awesome volunteers.

We will be opening our volunteer sign-up website at early next year.

If you have questions or want more information about volunteering, email us at or call (616) 953-0234.

Lene Volunteer N24HC 2021

questions, comments, suggestions

On behalf of our board of directors and over 100 volunteers, we are looking forward to having you join us and several hundred of your cycling friends on June 18-19, 2022! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please call or shoot me an email at or call (616) 953-0234.

Stay in touch on Instagram and Facebook, and look for our next issue of All About the Challenge on February 18th!

Gary Goscenski, Executive Director