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September 19th, 2022

Everything you need to know about the National 24 Hour Challenge!

The Board of the National 24 Hour Challenge has determined, sadly, that the event is no longer sustainable.

The Board of the National 24-Hour Challenge has determined the event is no longer sustainable and will be discontinued. However, our website, Facebook, Instagram, and email ( accounts will remain active for the foreseeable future (We may not be able to respond to emails immediately).

We sincerely appreciate everyone who participated in the event over the many decades and understand there will be a sense of loss, considering the N24HC was more than a cycling event – we became a family in a sense and will miss our annual gatherings. We especially appreciate all of the volunteers, some who gave hundreds of hours of service, that made the N24HC a premiere event.

There are plans being developed for a “Farewell” ride that will not be a sanctioned N24HC event. The ride would not be 24 hours long and would take place in Middleville – likely June 17th, if possible. 

Thank you for making the event a great one for so many years,

The N24HC Board

Please stay in touch via Facebook and Instagram, and keep riding strong!