Nancy Guth: Record-Setter

After an 8-year absence, Nancy Guth returned to the National 24-Hour Challenge this year, breaking the  record for women aged 65-69.  Nancy put up 324.3 miles, but that’s not the half of it: due to foul weather, the event was shortened by over four hours, meaning that Nancy set the new record with only 20 hours available for riding!

Nancy and husband John made their way to Michgan from their home in Stafford, Virginia to ride with us from 1997 through 2009, skipping only 1999.  Nancy has won most every honor we have to offer, including four Siegel silver bowls for Overall High Mileage.  Since 2009, John and Nancy have gone on to do Race Across America and many other ultracycling venues, teaming up as “Beau and Babe.”

Nancy and John mostly ride together, and their riding style is simple: 15 mi/hr forever.  Nothing fancy, just keep on truckin’.

Congratulations to Nancy on her amazing show!