The National 24-Hour Challenge is looking for new volunteer organizing talent. Current organizers Pete & Kathy Steve will be retiring from the event this coming summer. If there is to be a 2018 N24HC, new organizers will have to step up soon. Preparations and follow-up continue all year long. We have developed extensive community ties to support our outstanding venue, and these will need to be preserved. The experienced, hands-on board of directors will remain in place, providing support, wisdom, and continuity.

Candidates should have a love of cycling, preferably with some history as a rider, crew member or volunteer and should be based in Southwest Michigan. Candidates will work with a host of volunteers to stage the world’s largest and finest ultra-marathon bicycle event. Skills in negotiation, written and verbal communication, as well as office computer operations will be vital.

N24HC is a Michigan non-profit corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt entity. The scope of our operations is purposely limited – it’s as simple as we can make it! We do not raise funds, make grants, or support any charity. Our operating expenses are paid from registration fees. Our sponsors donate small amounts of cash or merchandise which is all used for rider door prizes. We are an all- volunteer organization, meaning no pay for time expended – and the flip side – no complicated employee bookkeeping. We maintain a PO Box and a Google Voice phone number.

What exactly would you be doing? There’s a well-defined structure for the event. We have developed a year-round timeline. Tasks include rider communications, government reporting, permitting, sponsor relations, brochure preparation and mailing, volunteer communication, etc. Registration season runs from January through June, so processing registrations will be a frequent task. As spring progresses, we have to purchase and gather medals, patches, 1000-mile jerseys, 5000-mile jackets, door prizes, etc. We also have to obtain printed materials and assemble rider packets. Porta-Jons have to be ordered. Lots of details.

We have an equipment trailer that comes out of storage in May for staging. On Friday morning of our weekend, the trailer is moved to the school campus for setup. On Sunday morning, volunteers pack up the trailer and it returns to the staging site for re-packing, then moves back to storage in July.

After our big weekend, there’s follow-up to be done: compiling and publishing results, handling Lost And Found requests and paying bills.

And what are the rewards for all this?

 Appreciation from our riders is a source of tremendous satisfaction.

 Pride. We have an unparalleled venue and a long history of excellence.

 It’s fun working with everyone on the team to make the event happen.

If you’re interested in organizing the National 24-Hour Challenge, or just need further details, please give us a call at (616) 953-0234 or drop a line to