Pete & Kathy Steve: Welcome, Gary Goscenski!!!

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We were down in the dumps this summer, as the possibilities for continuing the N24HC dwindled. Several people and groups expressed interest, but then faded out. We stepped in years ago because we loved the event and couldn’t bear to see it die. Now, when it is time for us to retire, it looked like the end. We were preparing to shut down at the end of our fiscal year., September 30th.

Every year in mid-September, we have a Director Dinner, a chance to get together with our directors who take on so many responsibilities. Everyone said their good-byes to each other, very sad. But then the next day, Gary got in touch with us. Wow! Could there ever be a more qualified Executive Director?

We will be supporting Gary any way we can this coming year. It won’t be our event any more, but we’ll be cheering all the way.

We have to mention Gary’s family. You couldn’t do the job without the support of a family, and Gary’s family is the best. Kirsten, Harry and Alex have been at every N24HC we can remember. The boys grew up with it and have been eager participants as they matured, ready for whatever comes.

So, riders train well and come back to Middleville in June. Try to bring a new rider with you. It’s always a blast.

Pete & Kathy

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