Photographer Credits

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For 2016, we had three talented photographers contributing to our story.


The HillAl Stover – Our “official” photographer. Al has loads of experience; loves to record the natural habitat around him. Al follows the riders around Loop 1, documents our award ceremony, and pretty much anything else that makes a good picture.



Life in the LoopChris Cavaliere – The “volunteer” photographer. A 4-time rider and stalwart fan of the Challenge, Chris likes to record happenings around the TKMS home base while he’s volunteering for whatever needs to be done – all weekend long.



N24HC - Checkpoint at NightMike Banno – The “accidental” photographer. Our Brazilian friends ran into him at Best Buy, and he volunteered to come down to Middleville for their benefit. He also got some great shots of our event in general, for which we are grateful.

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