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65N24HC Riders:

The N24HC is contemplating a change to how places are assigned that will bring us more into line with the rest of the sporting world.

In a short, one sentence summary, under the proposed change everyone’s position would be 1 + the number of riders that rode more miles (the highest mileage rider is 1st place, with zero riders that rode more miles.)

Currently, if there is a tie, the N24HC doesn’t “skip a place.” For example, if there is a tie for first place, the N24HC currently awards two first places, a 2nd place, and a 3rd place. Under the new system, we would award two first places and a third (in line with what the rest of the sporting world does.)

Where this really makes a difference is deeper in the field. In the last N24HC that I rode (2012), I rode 302.8 miles. There were 78 riders that rode more miles than I did, but because of the way that the N24HC handles ties, I was officially listed in 38th place. Even within my category, there were 13 riders that rode more miles than I did, but I was still awarded 11th place in my category.
For myself, since I manage the server were the database is kept, I’m able to look at the raw numbers and see how I actually did compared to the rest of the field (79th out of 311, if you care ), but no one else is in a position to do this, so it is difficult or impossible for anyone else to really determine how they did compared to the rest of the field or the rest of their category.
Before implementing this change, the N24HC would like feedback from as many riders as possible. Do you agree that this change will make it easier for riders to know how they really did? Is the change worth the (hopefully small) amount of confusion it might cause (mostly in comparing your rank in events pre- and post- change)?

Please comment on the National 24-Hour Challenge FB page, or send us email using the “Contact Us

– Michael Burden, Board Member and Keeper of the Results Database

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