A National 24 Hour Challenge team consists of five riders and may include any combination of upright, recumbent, tandem, handcycle or Elliptigo bicycles. All five riders must be registered individually as National 24 Hour Challenge participants by May 1.

The team captain will register the team by May 1. During team registration, the team captain must identify all five riders on the team. The team captain must be one of the riders on the team. Once identified, the riders on the team cannot be changed.

All five riders must start the event at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning. At least four of the five team riders must have completed the Day Loop at least 3 times (150 miles) by 9:00 p.m. Saturday to be eligible for team scoring. The team mileage will be the combined mileage of the 4 team riders who have ridden the farthest as of 8:00 a.m. Sunday. The team with the highest team mileage will receive an award at the awards ceremony Sunday morning.

There is no additional cost for the teams category.

How to Register Your Team:

1. Be sure all five riders have registered individually for the National 24 Hour Challenge at

2. The team captain sends an email to with the following information: your team name (no more than 3 words) and the names of all five riders on your team. You will receive a confirmation email from the National 24 Hour Challenge registrar confirming your team registration.

Remember, all five team riders must be registered individually by May 1 and the email from the team captain must be received by May 1.

Questions? Email us at: or call (616) 953-0234.