Middleville, Michigan

Start/Finish: Thornapple-Kellogg SchoolS

Middleville’s population swells when the N24HC comes to town. Bicyclists and their crews begin arriving on Friday afternoon to get a good camping spot and pick up their number packets. Several sponsors of the event donate door prizes, which are on display. Bike shops bring products for last-minute needs and mechanics to help with technical support. Photo albums from previous events are out for display, and the walls are papered with lists of registered riders sorted every which way.


The Middleville Rotary Club puts on a dinner Friday night during registration. The Middleville UMC puts on a Saturday morning pancake breakfast and offers concessions and ice on Saturday. The Friday dinner is a great opportunity to socialize before the event. For riders who return year after year, it is a reunion. There are always new faces — first timers looking for advice on what to expect. It’s also a chance for Middleville to get to know the people who undertake this remarkable physical and mental challenge.

Start/Finish Area

(Registration opens at 12:01am on 1 January.)