New Riders

You haven’t ridden 24 hours until you’ve ridden the National 24-Hour Challenge!

Held annually on Father’s Day Weekend (except in 2021, due to the pandemic, it’ll be August 7th-8th) in West Michigan, the National 24-Hour Challenge is a unique weekend experience. You will come face-to-face with your abilities. Your determination and training will be tested. You’ll meet riders from all over the USA and beyond. You will marvel at the accomplishments of top riders.

You will be part of a large group of amateur athletes, from all walks of life and all levels of performance. There will be plenty of opportunity to share your experiences with other riders.

We offer a Friday evening dinner and a Saturday morning breakfast for a reasonable price. A concession stand is open late Saturday night to keep you going. Sunday morning, breakfast is free for all riders!

Porta-Jons are available outside; restrooms and showers inside. You may pitch a tent in the school yard or sack out with a sleeping bag in the gym.

If you are a UMCA member, all your N24HC miles will be promptly reported to that organization.

Scroll down for stories from past riders, and tips that will help you have a great ride come June August!

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Jessop KeeneHard-Core First-Timer
Julie GainsburgTwo-Time Rider
Frank BrichettoThree-Time Rider