The National 24-Hour Challenge, Inc., is a 501(c)(4) Michigan nonprofit corporation, devoted exclusively to recreational purposes.

All the corporate officers, organizers, and volunteers are unpaid. This includes the 10-member board; the Executive Director; and over 100 volunteers who do everything from registration to clean-up, and from cutting up oranges to maintaining the online results.

The event operates almost entirely on registration fees, which we endeavor to keep as close to break-even as possible, in accordance with running a sustainable organization. Some additional income comes from sales of event swag, like t-shirts and water bottles. On-site meal and food sales benefit the civic organizations that organize those services. 

Major expenses include facility rental, paying sheriff officers, onsite medical support, merchandise, food, awards, and insurance.

Our financial report is filed annually with the IRS and is open for public inspection.

The National 24-Hour Challenge exists to provide the best possible rider experience; focusing on empowering individuals to achieve their goals in a challenging, supportive athletic environment.

Board Members & Executive Director

The board president and the executive director attend board meetings, but do not vote.

Other Key Members of the Organization