Returning Riders

Welcome Back!

We keep records of all the earned mileage from 1983 on. When your cumulative mileage reaches 1,000, you will be awarded our Thousand Mile Jersey. Additional increments of 1,000 miles will earn you patches to sew on your jersey. At 5,000 miles, we will award you a deluxe N24HC rain jacket. If you should manage to accumulate 10,000 miles at the Challenge, it’s a surprise!

Here's What's New for 2021

Check out what we are bringing to America’s Premiere 24 Hour Bicycle Ride in 2021:

RFID Scanning!
Non-stop checkpoints will keep everyone moving! You’ll cruise through checkpoints (at reduced speed), and volunteers will still be there with back-up recording systems.

Two Loops!
In 2021, there will be only two loops, a day loop of 50 miles, and a night loop of 7.6 miles. Still long enough to keep it interesting, with the major benefits of closer checkpoints, fewer turns, and being easier for your crew!

Support Team!
If you are coming to the National 24 Hour Challenge without a crew, our support team is here for you! Support Team availability is 40 riders – sign up early.

2021 Merchandise!
Every rider gets a National 24 Hour Challenge window decal for your car. Hats are back in 2021!

Sunday Breakfast!
You deserve a great breakfast after your ride and we’re cooking it up for you fresh in 2021!