Why Can't My 16-Year-Old Ride the N24HC?

It’s not that we don’t want to encourage young riders – we’re going to need them in the future!

Michigan courts have ruled that NO release of liability can be upheld for a person under 18, the age of majority.
The young person can’t sign, nor his/her parents, nor any other person except perhaps a school – not us.

With no release, we’re liable for anything that might happen to that rider.
Despite our best efforts, there are plenty of awful possibilities in 24 hours, on open roads, and all through the night.

We just can’t take that risk. Please keep riding and join us when you’re 18.

What charity does N24HC support?

In a word, none. N24HC is a 501(c)(4) Michigan nonprofit corporation (“… devoted exclusively to … recreational purposes …”).
All the corporate officers, organizers and volunteers are unpaid.

Major expenses include use of the school facilities, Sheriff’s Reserve officers, Emergency Medical coverage and insurance.

Donations are not tax-deductible, but we do not seek donations, preferring to operate on registration fees.

The whole idea is that N24HC is an athletic event, and our focus is on the best possible rider experience.