Joe Lundberg

At-Large Member

Joe started riding in the N24HC in 2013, and has participated every year since. His total mileage is over 2300 miles, with a personal best of 377.5 miles. His goal is to eclipse 400 miles in 2022, all the while balancing training for Ironman Lake Placid in late July.

Once it became known by the organizers that Joe was also a professional meteorologist, he quickly became involved in giving weather briefings to the Safety Director and the Executive Director. He now serves as the N24HC volunteer meteorologist, with the desire to keep all involved safe from potentially hazardous weather throughout the event, even while he is riding! He joined the N24HC board in March 2022 as an ‘member at large’. He also serves as a volunteer for set up on Friday morning before the event.

In his profession, Joe serves as the morning meteorologist for over two dozen radio stations all across the country. In his spare time, Joe rides as much as he can!